Duplicate files in SABnzb

I am getting a lot of ‘duplicate nzb’ failures in SAB.

When I check the series in Sonarr I find that the monitored flag for those episodes is not being cleared.

Have I got something, somewhere, set incorrectly?

Thanks Simon

Why would the monitor flagged be cleared? It is never cleared except for by the user or if on the 2x a day rescan the file is noted as deleted/removed AND the user has ignore deleted episodes enabled

It sounds like you’re perhaps removing the episodes and leaving them monitored so when the releases are seen again they are grabbed?

if so then theres a media management option to mark an episode as unmonitored when deleted that you should probably tick

That sounds right. I delete an episode after I have watched it.


Those are my settings and “Ignore Deleted Episodes” is set to yes but it keeps sending them to SAB.

Sonarr v2 is end of life; upgrade to v3 before we attempt any troubleshooting further.

Are the downloads being regrabbed or reimported?
Do you have remove downloads enabled?

What is the scenario in which it’s regrabbing the files? Was the episode unmonitored? The rescan task that would do that only runs twice a day.

I didn’t know there was a new version. I have just installed and verified that the indicate File Management option is checked. So now I will just wait and see.

Thanks for the help,.