DSM7 - Stuck on import
Shows download but stuck importing:


I’ve done the upgrade to DSM7 and SABnzdb has got a proper release as of the last 48 hours. Sonarr find the shows and gives the job to sab…this works. Coincidentally, the same happens with Radarr as well. so I suspect that this is more to do with DSM7 than it is with these packages.

When I look in Sonarr, I can see the the download has finished but the job is stuck at “Downloaded - Importing” this means that the tasks that move and rename files, as well as deleting the folder that it was in previously don’t run.

I’ve checked in events and log and there’s no mention of there being a permissions issue.

sc-download has read/write permissions to the relevant folders and subfolders.

I have also done a complete uninstall/reinstall of this package via the package manager.

Not sure if this is a known issue or I’m first one reporting it.

I can live with manually doing this myself for now, but for those that can’t then this would be helpful to them.

Let me know.


Switch to docker

The NAS packages are poorly maintained.

DSM7 has broken permissions/ownership for many users.

Some of managed to fix it; others have not.
It’s basic ownership/ permissions that is the cause. How to fix is a Synology / SynoCommunity Issue, not A sonarr one… you may have more luck on those more focused communities

just wondering if you found any solution for this yet?

suffering the same issue here :confused:

Not as of yet.

What I’ve been doing is that I’ve been using FileBot to rename everything for me and I’ve been manually moving stuff myself. Not really ideal, but I’d prefer not to dockerise this. What I’ve got works for now so it’s maybe a 5 minute job moving and renaming everything.

I’ve also raised the apparent permissions issues with Synology as well so might get some traction there.

If you’ve got a NAS that doesn’t support docker then I’d suggest getting something like FileBot and start moving this stuff manually.

Can you check if SABnzbd config -> Folders -> “Permissions for completed downloads” is empty, and if so fill with 777 and save. Not sure if this is it though.