Dragon Ball Z missing episodes in Sonarr

Sonarr Version:
OS: Windows 10
Mono version: N/A
Debug logs: N/A
Description of issue:

Dragon Ball Z is missing episodes in Sonarr. TVDB ID is “81472” and shows 38 EPs in SE9, but Sonarr only has 31 EPs listed. All of the EPs I have downloaded are all using the same naming scheme, and the show series type is set to anime.

All seasons are monitored, I have tried removing the series and readding each time as daily/standard/anime to no avail.
Here are some screens to showing the episodes awaiting import and different number of EPs between Sonarr and thetvdb.

2021-06-10 18_29_38-ドラゴンボールZ - TheTVDB.com

Any help is appreciated,


Please see the FAQ

I have read the FAQ

I really don’t think you read the FAQ

This answers your question question; and checking skyhook now, there’s 38 episodes for the recent season for that TVDB.

Sorry I didn’t know there was a FAQ on a different website. I was reading this one

I’m not too sure what Skyhook is, I assume it points sonarr to tvdb. Regardless I’m still unsure on how to properly import the missing episodes or update sonarr to detect 38 eps in the latest season vs 31.

For anyone else having a similar issue. It seems like manually searching the TVDB ID in Sonarr somehow updated the series info and DBZ is now properly showing 291 eps