Downloading UHD content

What is the best way to download 4K/Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos releases in Sonarr?

Set up a quality profile to download the *-2160 qualities, combine with a release profile to attach a score or “must contain” to terms like DTS, Atmos, etc.

Edit: this all banks on the releases being named properly. Sonarr CANNOT know upfront what kind of audio it is, if it’s not in the release name.

What would be the difference between using the preferred words vs the must contain words in a release profile though?

For scores, does it add the score to the initial score determined by Sonarr? So would 10 be a good value?

Preferred - if two releases are available and one contains the preferred word then it will choose that one over the other one. if only 1 release is available then it will choose that one regardless if the preferred word is there.

Must Contain - it will only choose a release if the must contain word is there regardless of how many releases are available. it will ignore the other ones.

I know v3 is still beta but is there any documentation available for using release profiles?

The GUI is pretty self-explanatory… The only thing not mentioned in the help text underneath the box is that you can use simple regex patterns. This is applicable to preferred words and must/must not contain.

Release profiles work the same as a quality profile. Set it up however you like, and then either leave the Tags field blank so it applies to all your series, or use tags to assign that profile to particular series.

Ok, thanks.

And just to confirm, the release profile only takes effect for multiple release of the same quality, correct? A higher quality will still take precedence over a lower quality that hits the preferred words set for a specific release profile.

Edit: in short, to answer your question: yes.
Release profiles take effect when there are multiple releases which are considered the same quality-wise.

Simple example: multiple releases are available with quality WEBDL-1080p (which is wanted by your quality profile).
Your release profile adds +10 to “x265”.
Sonarr will prefer to pick a release with “x265” in the name. If they all fail or there are none, any release with quality WEBDL-1080p will be acceptable too.

Building on this, with the same +10 to x265:

If you have WEBDL-1080p and WEBDL-720p selected in your quality profile, with 1080p being the best, sonarr will pick releases in the following in order:
WEBDL-1080p with x265 in the name
WEBDL-720p with x265 in the name

If WEBDL-720p with x265 is downloaded first, and later a WEBDL-1080p release becomes available, it will download the 1080p, as quality trumps preferred words. Note that there is a potential for 4 downloads, until the final quality with x265 is reached.


If you don’t care about quality but more about preferred words, you can group qualities and let the preferred words sort it out.

Group WEBDL-1080p and WEBDL-720p together in a quality profile so they are considered equal.
Sonarr will pick in this order:
WEBDL-1080p with x265 OR WEBDL-720p with x265, whichever is seen first or ranked according to other criteria (size, seeders, …)
WEBDL-1080p OR WEBDL-720p

If the first thing that is grabbed is either quality WITH x265, sonarr will no longer attempt to upgrade that episode, other than propers if enabled, but that’s another discussion.

If the first thing that is grabbed is either quality WITHOUT x265, and later on a release becomes available WITH x265, sonarr will grab the new release and upgrade the existing episode once.

Ok, so if I absolutely understand your examples:

If the quality cutoff is already reached but WITHOUT x265, it will still upgrade the release once when a release WITH x265 comes out?

So if I have multiple preferred words and only one of those words appear in a future release, it only updates the old release once if the old release is of quality cutoff already?

In that example with only 1 preferred word: once. If you have more: whenever the sum is higher than the score of the release you already have.

So basically, there is not cutoff for release profiles? I will definitely use multiple preferred words for my use case. Even though the quality cutoff is already met, it will still update the release whenever the sum is higher than the score of the release I have.

What is the rationale behind the difference between using only 1 preferred word vs. multiple? Or is it really just designed that way?

There is no difference? Or I’m not understanding what you mean?
Whenever the sum of the preferred words score is higher, sonarr will get that release. If you only use 1 preferred word the “sum” is really easy :wink:

I guess what I don’t understand is how many times it will update the current release in the library every time it encounters those preferred words. If I have two preferred words, will it update the current release twice? One when it encounters a release with the 1st preferred word that makes the score higher than the current release score and second when it encounters a release with both preferred words?

Also, after creating my global release profile how do I “refresh” all my media files to check if there are existing releases with those preferred words? Or do I need to wait for the next RSS Sync?

@markus101, do you have any comments on this?

Every time it finds a higher scored release.

You don’t, it’s calculated when it’s checking releases.

But I can always do a “search monitored episode” per series and have the same effect, correct?

Yes, of course, that’d result in it checking the releases (a release being a torrent/nzb from an indexer’s API/RSS feed).

Ok, got it.

So if I understand it correctly, even though a quality cutoff is already reached for a specific episode, as long as it is monitored it will still get upgraded every time it finds a higher scored released based on the release profile I configure (no release profile cutoff), correct?

Yes, that is correct.

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