Downloaded files not being renamed and not being moved

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OS: Windows 10
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Hi all,

I had my system working perfectly, but sometime over the last 2-3 weeks it will no longer move or rename completed jobs.

My system is a bit unique: I have SABnzb and Sonarr running on one machine, and writing to a large nas on the same network.

SABnzb and Sonarr are both invoked via a command line script once the NAS is mounted to w: etc
start “” “C:\Program Files\SABnzbd\SABnzbd.exe”
start “” “C:\ProgramData\Sonarr\bin\Sonarr.exe”

In the w: share, I have the following directory structure:
TV (Where my library is)

SABnzbd uses the _Temp Folder for downloads, and the _Completed folder for, well, completed downloads. I have a category for “sonarr” set with w:\TV.

No mater what I’ve tried, I cannot get the downloaded file to be renamed and sorted into the appropriate library folder as it had been doing. I don’t know what changed, just that it stopped working.

The result of this is that I end up with a folder sitting in my W:\TV called

Instead of the enclosed video file sorting into

The Simpsons\Season 31\The Simpsons - S31E04 - Treehouse of Horror XXX.mkv

2021-07-14 16:13:37.5|Debug|Sabnzbd|Downloaded nzb for episode 'The.Simpsons.S31E04.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta' finished (43648 bytes from
2021-07-14 16:13:37.5|Info|Sabnzbd|Adding report [The.Simpsons.S31E04.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta] to the queue.
2021-07-14 16:13:37.5|Debug|SabnzbdProxy|Url: http://localhost:48080/api?mode=addfile&cat=sonarr&priority=-100&apikey=(removed)&output=json
2021-07-14 16:13:37.7|Info|DownloadService|Report sent to SABnzbd. The.Simpsons.S31E04.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta
2021-07-14 16:13:37.7|Debug|Api|[POST] /api/v3/release: 200.OK (910 ms)
2021-07-14 16:13:42.7|Debug|SabnzbdProxy|Url: http://localhost:48080/api?mode=queue&start=0&limit=0&apikey=(removed)&output=json
2021-07-14 16:13:42.7|Debug|SabnzbdProxy|Url: http://localhost:48080/api?mode=history&start=0&limit=60&category=sonarr&apikey=(removed)&output=json
2021-07-14 16:13:42.7|Debug|Parser|Parsing string 'The.Simpsons.S31E04.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta'
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|Parser|Episode Parsed. The Simpsons - S31E04 
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|Parser|Language parsed: English
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|QualityParser|Trying to parse quality for The.Simpsons.S31E04.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|Parser|Quality parsed: HDTV-1080p v1
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|Parser|Release Group parsed: MeGusta
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|TrackedDownloadService|Tracking 'SABnzbd:The.Simpsons.S31E04.1080p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta': ClientState=Downloading SonarrStage=Downloading Episode='The Simpsons - S31E04 HDTV-1080p v1' OutputPath=.
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|Api|[GET] /api/v3/queue/details?seriesId=73: 200.OK (1 ms)
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|Api|[GET] /api/v3/command: 200.OK (7 ms)
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|Api|[GET] /api/v3/queue/details?seriesId=73: 200.OK (3 ms)
2021-07-14 16:13:42.8|Debug|Api|[GET] /api/v3/command: 200.OK (1 ms)

It downloads the file fine - it just doesn’t rename it or move it appropriately. Thanks for the help in advance.

so you’re downloading into your library folder and presumably ignoring the healthcheck

this always eventually causes problems - like you’re seeing -… your download clients should never move anything into your root/library folder.

Several weird things about that:

  1. as I was mucking around with Sonarr and SABnzbd, I now can’t get that warning to show up
  2. When I deleted the path in the SABnzbd categories, the downloaded file shows up in w: still not renamed (i.e., w:\The.Simpsons.S31E04.720p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta)
  3. This is the same configuration I used in v2 and in v3 and have had good success with it up until now. I still don’t understand why it would change
  4. when I have the completed downloads point to _Downloads_Completed\Sonarr\ in SABnzbd, it just puts “The.Simpsons.S31E04.720p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta” there - still no rename.

EDIT: I misspoke regarding item 1 - I had the root folder set to W: not W:TV when I couldn’t get the error to show up. My bad. Still can’t get it to work though :wink:

To add to this, I’ve got the Root folder in Sonarr set up at w:

What I’ve never understood about the healthcheck, beyond it’s emergence and disappearance is that SAB isn’t downloading to w:\TV - it’s downloading to “w:\_Downloads\_Temp” and “w:\_Downloads\_Completed”

What do I need to do to make this work?

I’ve just verified Weird thing 4 again:

  • Sonarr’s Root folder is now set to w:\TV
  • SAB’s Sonarr category has no path set - it’s downloading to w:\_Downloads\_Completed
  • There is no healthcheck warning

When I select something to download, the new, unrenamed folder lands in _Completed now - i.e., w:\The.Simpsons.S31E04.720p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta

When I look at the History tab in Sonarr, hovering over the cloud icon in the left column says “Episode grabbed from indexer name and sent to SABnzbd”

I started with the wiki - it didn’t give me the information I needed. The problem is reliably reproducible.

What part of the trace log can I provide to help identify the problem? There are no errors or access denied errors that I can see. It simply doesn’t do anything once the download is complete…

So you have screenshots and tracelogs to share?

Do the files show in activity?

Are you settings accurate?

What is it doing when the download completes?

Do you use NBZ Planet?