Downloaded files are being moved to the wrong show folder

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OS: Ubuntu Linux 22.04
Debug logs: Debug logs

Description of issue:

I’ve noticed recently that files downloaded were mysteriously disappearing and then Sonarr complaining that they can’t be imported, so I enabled debug logging and found something interesting. Using arbitrary show names. These are just examples.

I asked Sonarr to download show1 (Lets call it Ghosts) so it sent the file to transmission and was downloaded. Once complete, it looks like Sonarr was already processing show2 (call it Family Guy). It then, for some reason moved the show1 episode to show2’s folder under /media and renamed it for show2’s episode. So now if I play that episode of show2 on Plex it’ll actually be the episode of show1 that I downloaded. This is very weird and I’m not sure how long it’s been happening, but I recently updated the Sonarr version hoping it would fix it, but it didn’t.

Let me know if you need any more from me. I’m very close to just re-installing everything all over again.

2023-04-28 12:08:50.1|Debug|EpisodeFileMovingService|Moving episode file: /temp_downloads/complete/Ghosts.2021.S02E20.2160p.WEB.H265-GGWP[rarbg]/ghosts.2021.s02e20.2160p.web.h265-ggwp.mkv to /media/Family Guy/Season 2/Family Guy - S02E20 - Wasted Talent.mkv
2023-04-28 12:08:50.1|Debug|DiskTransferService|Move [/temp_downloads/complete/Ghosts.2021.S02E20.2160p.WEB.H265-GGWP[rarbg]/ghosts.2021.s02e20.2160p.web.h265-ggwp.mkv] > [/media/Family Guy/Season 2/Family Guy - S02E20 - Wasted Talent.mkv]

i can only think that someone deliberately uploaded a screwy version (theyre both s02e20) but we would need the log entries above what youve supplied as those would show the parsing of the file (much like the ones underneath show it trying to parse the ghosts episode - and then fails because it no longer exists.

Hello, thanks for taking a look at it. Unfortunately the debug logs already rolled over since then and I don’t have anything else. I tried to recreate the issue by having sonarr search and download both episodes at the same time but it worked this time, so no data there. It has happened before so I’ll be sure to capture more logs next time.

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