Dockered Sonarr and RuTorrent: Unable to connect to rTorrent, please check your settings

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Docker Synology

I’m trying to set a new dockered download client (that I love): Rutorrent. All rights are good (Rutorrent downloads properly when using as standalone). But when it comes to connect it with Sonarr, the connection test works, but then, he can’t add the .torrent to rutorrent. Here is the error:

Couldn't add report to download queue. Unable to connect to rTorrent, please check your settings

In settings, connection is “success”. I tried dockered Deluge, and it works properly. Any help? Here is full log:

Connection test and settings:

I went deeper, and checked the logs: cat /volume1/docker/rutorrent/log/nginx/rutorrent.rpc2.error.log

it appears I have an error:

2020/04/28 11:56:06 [crit] 345#345: *1403 open() "/var/tmp/nginx/client_body/0000000036" failed (13: Permission denied), client:, server: _, request: "POST /RPC2 HTTP/1.1", host: ""

I decided to chmod -R 755 /var/tmp/nginx/ and it fixes the issue temporaly. Any suggestion?

docker containers should not have any issues accessing their own internal drives so if it does then either the image is wrong, or the path its trying to access is actually on a volume that is mapped in and the user id you are running the container as does not have access to it on the host.

can you access it manually? ie does work for you or is it broken in the same way?

what volume mappings have you set on the container?

is the ip address of your host/nas or the ip address of the rutorrent container on the docker network? there can be issues with containers going up to the host, across that network and then back down into the docker network, you would be better off using the docker ip address in that case (and the original un-mapped port) to access it from the sonarr container.

you can also delete the container and let it re-create in case something went wrong there

The /var/tmp/nginx folder had root:root, that wasn’t normal. I remove all image/container, and recreated a clean install. Now it has abc:abc, and all working fine. Thanks for help @rhom!

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