Docker with CIFS

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Debian 10
Debug logs:
Invalid request Validation failed:
– Path does not exist
Description of issue:

I am trying to get sonarr (and radarr for that matter) to work with my cifs mounted datastores. I am having these mounted at boot and the user I am using has r/rw permissions which has been verified by creating files/folders. I was previously mounting the CIFS to /media/tv which sonarr found but was having write issues with. So I altered it to mount to /home/user/tv-source which was a shortcut to get around the mountpoint permissions challenge. I also heard about some things not working if the share and the mount point were the same folder name.

However now, the webui won’t even recognize the existence of the mount points even when they clearly exist in the system. I have built the container with the -e PUID and -e PGID flags so I would expect it to have the same permissions as that user which is apparently not happening.

“ls /home/user/tv-source” works to list the datastore of TV series.

docker create
-e PUID=1000
-e PGID=1000
-e TZ=America/Chicago
-e UMASK_SET=022 #optional
-p 8989:8989
-v /path/to/data:/home/user/sonarr/config
-v /path/to/tvseries:/home/user/tv-source
-v /path/to/downloadclient-downloads:/home/user/sonarr/downloads
–restart unless-stopped

Is the path relative or something? Any suggestions for getting this to work would be appreciated.

Ok, sonarr/docker beat me. I just ended up installing sonarr natively and had no trouble with permissions. The github provided instructions were pretty easy and straightforward. I may explore docker when I have more time (currently rebuilding entire home infrastructure).