Docker V3 SignalR issues with windows share volumes

I solved my SignalR issue in V2 by adding the environment variable - XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/tmp/xdg in my docker-compose file as per

However, this is not working for the preview tag. It is still creating the .config/.mono/keypairs directory in my volume mapped to config. In the js console I don’t get the 500 errors, but I only ever see the SignalR: connecting message. No connected messages. No error in the sonarr logs.

Is there another method in docker-compose to remap the mono keypairs into the container?

Which version of Sonarr?

Since version (March release), Sonarr checks if currently configured folder exists and is writeable. Otherwise it sets XDG_CONFIG_HOME to Sonarr’s appdata folder during startup.

Also, Windows share volumes? Are you running in docker on windows?

I am using the latest pulled down from preview which is now I switched the config volume to a local folder under my home dir to solve it. I am running docker on Mint with some mapped windows shares. I guess this is more of a docker build issue than sonarr.

I think sonarr thinks that the .mono keypairs directory is writable, but I think the windows share doesn’t give it the permissions the actual key files require or something.

sometimes its easier to get in the container and check what permissions it has actually ended up with from the inside

you can run docker exec -it sonarr bash or change bash to whatever shell is in there, then take a look around inside to see what it has.

also make sure that the PUID and PGID environment variables are passed to the container if you want the container to access the host volumes as something other than root (or whatever your default docker account is), and that they actually match the host users id values (which im not sure how you do that under windows)

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