Docker image - update alert missing


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Docker linuxserver/sonarr:preview
Description of issue:

the docker image has sonarr set for docker update only so i cant use the inbuilt upgrade to upgrade sonarr, i have to recreate the container.

that is fine, the problem is that the upgrade notification alert does not appear when a new sonarr upgrade becomes available when its set this way

i understand that the docker image may not have been updated to match the latest sonarr release but i still expected that the alert would be there to indicate a potential sonarr upgrade


Might I suggest you take that up with the linuxserver folks to see what the best way is to keep a container like that updated?


its not about keeping the container updated, that part is simple, its about the upgrade notification in sonarr not even showing up when a newer version of sonarr has been released.

it shouldnt matter what the upgrade mechanism is set to in sonarr, sonarr should at least let you know that there is an update available. how you upgrade is then up to you.


But System->Updates does show when a new version is available.
Additionally the Health Check warning doesn’t appear until the current version is 14 days old and a new version is available. That logic hasn’t changed.


Not sure if it is relevant but in Windows I was not notified that any V3 updates were available for months.

I can’t remember the exact message now but it said something about going to to a URL regarding updates and also indicated that I was on the latest version.

The version I was on had not been updated for months; certainly not at all this year but I was still told I was up to date. At no time did System>Updates tell me that a new version was available.

I decided to do a download from the downloads page and discovered that was the latest version.

Since then; I have had 4 further updates; all done automatically.

I have managed to find the version I had been on previously and it was


That’s most likely due to the change from phantom to phantom-develop which wasn’t one automatically since there were packaging changes for some systems.

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