Disabling media management no longer possible?

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OS: Synology DSM6
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Hi, is disabling media management no longer possible? I had it disabled as I use Filebot to take care of renaming, adding metadata and moving to appropriate folders (it works on both series and movies, that’s why I prefer to use it). I had to restore my Synology and reinstall Sonarr and I see it had a majr update, and I no longer see an option to disable Media management.


Either use file bot or use sonarr/Radarr they are not really compatible

You’re also out of date; upgrade

It’s still disablable. See the settings page on the wiki if you still can’t find it

I’m sorry, I really don’t see it, even on the Wiki.

I have been using the combo of Sonarr+Filebot for like 6 years without issues, and I’d like to continue to do so if at all possible. I use Sonarr for searching+downloading of TV, Filebot for renaming and moving of everything.

You didn’t look hard at all then nor did you look at the Sonarr_Settings page as instructed


You do you, but don’t complain about any weirdness in sonarr or if shows disappear or if you have repeat downloads for shows you already have and those downloads are not an upgrade. Renaming things under sonarr’s nose and using external applications almost always causes problems.

Thanks, I was looking under Media Management, which sounded more like what I’m looking for than Completed downloads handling.

I was not complaining about anything, in fact I was saying how I use Sonar succesfully for years and years (it’s working so well I didn’t have to tinker with it and forgot the nomenclature), so I don’t know where your attitude comes from.

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