Disable "File quality does not match quality of the grabbed release" check



I was wondering if it would be possible to put a toggle in the advanced settings to disable this quality safeguard. I understand it’s purpose and I am aware it is working as intended, but I have three daily shows now that have their releases/index flipping between HDTV-1080 and WEBDL-1080, which triggers this error and forces me to start my day with manual importing episodes I know are valid. Seeing as I have never seen this error in any other regard, I would be fine with simply disabling the check and handling any actual errors when they come up, as honestly if the file quality is lower than the grabbed release, I can just regrab a new release if it bothers me, or live with it.


Seconded. I have the same morning routine and would love to be able to toggle this off.


ive been using sonarr about 6 months and its been awsome until the last 2 weeks, ever show it downloads i get “File quality does not match quality of the grabbed release” or “the files already download is the same size”

i do get the optioni to manually import the file but it should replace automatically if better quality or not even bother downloading it if its the same as whats already there.


Would like this as well. Speaking of importing, also need to add .table-responsive div around the table in the import modal.


Would like this too


does anyone here use sabnzbd to shorten the file name?

folder_max_length ( 128 ) located within “special” config in sabnzbd.

i did shorten this to work round the 356 character file name restriction in windows, now using the default length and its fixed this., the files now import automatically and the stupid messages have gone.


Good find. I’ll give this a shot and see if it helps things. This should still be a relatively simply flag logic injection, so hopefully mark can get around to it sometime soon.


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