Directory where NZBs are placed

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Trying to find where the NZB Directory is located

I am in the process of changing from Windows 10 to FreeNAS 13.1. I am using Sonarr and SABNzbd together but need to run SABNzbd on my Windows 10 box for now while running Sonarr on the FreeNAS box. Stupid I know but for now this is how I have to do it.

For some reason I cannot find where in Sonarr is the directory setting where the NZBs are being placed for SABNzbd to pick up. So can someone please help me out and point me in the right place or where I can find that info.

Thanks alot for your help


because there isnt one :slight_smile: .

sonarr doesnt use a “watch” folder type of method to send data to sab, it talks to sab via its api and sends the data across that way.

if sab is changing hosts then you need to reconfigure the sab download client entry in sonarr with the updated information. if sonarr is moving then you shouldnt have to do anything (presuming you copy across the config)