Delete torrents when manually deleting in Sonarr

I currently hardlink from my download directory to my shows directly. In general I leave torrents seeding because I might as well while they’re sitting in my library.

I have limited drive space though and have to manually delete some shows every now and again from Sonarr that are no longer watched. It would be great if Sonarr would have the option when deleting a show/episode to also delete the related torrent so that I actually get the drive space back.

Right now I have to manually find all the torrents that belong to a show and delete them before deleting the show so that no hardlinks remain.

Does anyone know of a script or anything that can do this currently?

you would need a script as the torrents are in a different program is you use sonarr and sabnzbd or a couple other downloaders there is a script I’m not sure if it does the torrents you may have to read it.
nzbToMedia is one that i use and don’t ask me to explain it it is just magic When I get it working I leave it alone.

Usenet has no relevance whatsoever to seeding torrents.

OP you’ll want qbit manage and of course will need to sue Qbit

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I only said i used the UseNet one and then provided a page that listed other scripts. On that page I reference there are 5 scripts that help with torrents. I have never tried using any so cannot qualify their use or effectiveness. stuffanthings is not referenced there for some reason.

Nothing on Sab’s page has anything to do with torrents…or relevant scripts?

You also don’t need anything for Usenet because Usenet are moves not hardlinks/copies so the entire premise OP mentioned doesn’t exist in Usenet.

Thank you! Looks like this might do the trick with its option to remove files without hardlinks.