Delayed notifications

Sorry if this has already been asked, didn’t see it in a search. My feature request is a delay timer for connected notifications like Plex. I.e. on download/upgrade/rename, send the notification to Plex after x seconds. Reason being for those that use cloud storage like gsuite for Plex, and have sonarr on a separate server from their Plex server. G drive caches the copy locally tricking sonarr into thinking the file copy is complete, and triggering a notification to Plex to update library before the show is available to Plex. Adding a delay counter would resolve this. Thanks for your consideration and this awesome software!

Disregard. I see I posted a similar question Dec 2017 and completely forgot. My bad.

What was your solution for this? I looked for your old post in hopes there was one there but didn’t find it.

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