Delay to data from thetvdb

On 29th January I added the series “Saturday Variety” (396004) to thetvdb and added data for 27 episodes of the series.

If I add the series into Sonarr; the series information comes through but none of the episodes I added.

I have checked thetvdb and the data is definitely there.

I’ve also noticed that episode information for “Hot Bench” and “Judge Judy” has not come through either and the episode information has been there for a couple of days.

I understand it can take over 24 hours for the information to come through but certainly in the case of Saturday Variety it is four days and the other two series about two days.

I wondered if there was currently an issue with data being updated.

Yeah there have been several reports of similar issues on our Discord, some people have opened tickets with TheTVDB to inquire, hopefully we hear back soon.

Thanks Markus.

Has there been any update? I’ve noticed several shows are behind on data.

There was a “bug” on their side, but since their 24 hour cache has been caching old data thing won’t start resolving for another 12+ hours.

Thank you for the update.

Yet again another reason to have the choice between TheMovieDB or TheTVDB or both.