Default to {season:00}


Plex naming convention says seasons should be XX. Reference


Because… we all use Plex? :wink:


Hey Mr. Sarcastic. Nice to meet you. Do we really need to survey how many people that use Sonarr also use Plex? I’m willing to bet five episodes of Sesame Street that it’s the majority of the users.


I don’t use Plex because of it’s limitations of media support compared to plain Kodi,
But this isn’t the question :wink:
Actually I kinda like the idea.
Why ?
You never know if a series will hit the 9+ seasons.
It won’t happen that much I think.
But still it might be a idea to consider it.
In the meanwhile you can set the way you prefer in the media management of Sonarr.


Idea is good.
But I guess you do such a config once in your life :smiley: than you move/copy only the docker config to a new server.

And good that Sonarr shows you examples how your configured that part
And if you know what is the requirement from Plex, or the “common sense” than you will change. :smiley:
I guess I have Series/Season.XX since I’m downloading series. :smiley: Doesn’t matter if Plex needs it.
It’s also the scene naming policy.


Obviously this is easy to configure. That’s not the point of the topic. And your statement is silly. Before realizing the naming policy of Plex, I learned that Sonarr was naming it Season X. Luckily, Sonarr provides a method of bulk organizing after I changed the configuration.

To play devil’s advocate with myself, Emby doesn’t seem to care whether it’s X or XX.

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