Default release profile/tag

I recently upgraded to v3 of Sonarr so I could add some tags to prefer HEVC/h265 - but this has to be applied to every series manually. I actually wrote a cronjob to go in and add the tag id to the sqlite database every few minutes, because I haven’t found another way.
Is there a way to set a default release profile? Or a way to trigger a script when a series is added?

Here is my horrible SQL in case anyone wants to tell me if there is a better way to do it… seems to work…

	set Tags = json_insert(
	'$[' || json_array_length(Tags) || ']',
	WHERE Series.Tags NOT LIKE '%16%';

Don’t specify any tags and it applies to all series. As stated in the UI.

Release profiles will apply to series at least one matching tag. Leave blank to apply to all series

If you want to go the tag route (to avoid x265 for some series) you’d need to edit all series in Mass Editor and you can specify tags when adding a series.

my default (untagged) is to prefer x265, but i have an old dumb tv that cannot play x265 via usb so theres a “play-on-tv” profile that “must not contain” those same words. i just assign that tag to any show that i want to remain in x264 so i can watch it on the tv (as theres not that many)

or do what marcus suggested and use the mass editor

I totally failed to see that. Thanks @markus101 , that’s perfect !!

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