Database change


Any chance of being able to use a different database for Anime? TVDB seems to be deleting Anime series.

Is this based on something concrete?

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As you can see here they are removing shows.

are they actually gone when you manually search in thetvdb web site? (or click on a series tvdb link)

their API has lots of issues, so does their caching, so shows can disappear, and then a couple of hours to a couple of days later, sonarr can see them again

It appears that the TVDB location number no longer exists but the titles for the shows have been changed. Can we relink a series to a new TVDB feed? I have checked some of the shows it has removed, some have been relabelled with a new feed, while some are gone completely.

not that i know of. the only way is to remove the existing show (do not delete the folder/files), then re-add the show back into the same folder. it will scan and pick up all the existing files again.

Yeah I tried that with some but it doesn’t help with the shows that TVDB has been deleting. The only way to actually have Sonarr download the shows would be with the anime database. Which I think would be better option for anime.

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