Cutoffs not performing as expected (?) with tags


I’m getting a lot more downloads than I would like as the effect of my preferred tags fights with the fact that I’m tagging for audio, but many releases have the audio I want, but don’t label it in the name. Something I noticed while I was investigating though, was that it seems like cutoffs aren’t working for me quite right. It might be my configuration, I admit I’m not sure of my config.

My tags are basically, X265 (and synonyms) +5 , 5.1 7.1 +6
My profile has 1080p bluray at the bottom, and the cutoff is set to it.

Today in my history I have in chrono order for imports:

(Show).S01E11.1080p.HEVC.x265-Megusta English
(Show).S01E11.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS (this is the one I currently have)

My cutoff is set to 1080p bluray, and I had dragged it to the bottom for lowest priority.

It’s possible that I’m not evaluating this right, because maybe there’s more tags than just what’s in the name, and so I’m looking at this incorrectly. But this is what it appears to be doing, to me…

Thanks for any advice


tags (preferred words) are only supposed to be used to upgrade within a quality group

do you have 1080p and 720p as part of the same quality group?

youll probably need to enable debug logging and keep an eye on it so they have something to look at


That sounds like it’s the problem. But if I make all of the qualities in the list one quality group then I’m going to lose the ability to order them unless I then create tags for quality keywords, isn’t that right?


i meant if you had them all in one group it might explain what you ended up with but if you dont then its a bit weird.

can you post a screenshot of the whole quality profile? it seems like the issue would logically be in there

you will probably also need to enable debug logging until it happens again, then post the logs from around the times it did the downloads


Sure. Here’s a picture. Hopefully I was describing this correctly.


it looks ok and i cant work out a way for it to upgrade from 1080p HDTV to 720p HDTV x265 (a downgrade) to 720 HDTV x264 (another downgrade)

the way you have your profile setup it should stop at after the first file it downloads

its possible the 1080p file was mis-named and was actually 720p, that might allow it to upgrade within that quality but that still means it ignored the cutoff and it doesnt explain the upgrade from 265 to 264

maybe there is a conflict with preferred words and cutoff quality in the code?

i think youre going to need to enable the debug logging and wait for it to happen again


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