Correct settings when client handles moving of files?


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
Description of issue:

Im using qbittorrent for handling all the downloading (RSS) and moving of tv-shows (when they are completed). for the actual moving to happen im using categories. So when category change, the files are moved to the default folder + the category.

For example:
the show shark tank has the category TV-Shows/shark tank
And the default folder is set to N:
and imcomplete default folder is c:\torrent
when an episode are downloaded, and completed it is then moved from c:\torrent to n:\tv-shows\shark tank

im now trying to setup sonarr to start downloading in qbittorrent when new episodes for the shows i want is available. but i want qbittorrent to handle the moving as it already does.

  1. is that possible? (in radarr ive just set the category in the download client to Movies, that makes qbittorrent give all movies that category and qbittorrent then moves the movie to the correct folder)

  2. how would i do it in sonarr? i can set the category to TV-Shows/ in the download client in sonarr. But is it possible to add shows name as category as well somewhere in sonarr? so shark tank gets the category set in download client in sonarr + shark tank as category?

  3. or do i skip setting any category in downoad client in sonarr and instead do something else?

would greatly appreciate the help!

  1. Possible yes, but Sonarr is going to treat files as missing until it rescans the series folder.
  2. Turn off Completed Download Handling

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