Correct download but wrong naming on import

OS: Unraid
Sonarr version:
Mono version: 6.12.0
Torrent: Deluge

When sonarr downloaded the latest episode of Dr. Stone (S02E11) it scanned the correct episode and found the correct torrent to download but on the import is just went crazy and deleted S01E11 and imported the download to that.

There were no errors whatsoever…

I tried to replicate this and deleted the episode and manually told sonarr to search for the episode again. Like before it had no problem finding the correct torrent. Due to the history sonarr knows it already imported that episode so it does not. When looking in the manual import screen you can clearly see that sonarr again tried to import it to the wrong episode.

As you can see the naming is basically identical to what sonarr would rename it.

The System events log doesn’t show anything either…

Now it gets a little bit weird. I manually tried another torrent and this time everything worked. correct download (obviously because it picked it manually) and correct import. So you might think the torrent was trash. But the naming of the torrent is so unbelievable simple. Also other torrents of the same group work just fine (yes maybe only this one was trash). But the weirdest thing is that a friend of mine used the exact same torrent and had no problems what soever.

I had this problem with 2 import so far and I’am not a huge fan of sonarr deleting my already downloaded stuff… For that I activated the trash bin so I at least don’t lose any files…

And just when I thought the manual search fixed this one problem sonarr tried to upgrade the existing new S02E11 with the old torrent. Like before it got stopped at the import since sonarr knows it already imported that torrent. Looking at the manual import screen yet again it would have renamed it to S01E11…

That’s why we ask for debug logs.

An alias for this on would fix the issue:

It comes down the to very different release and actual torrent names. Sonarr tries to avoid conflicts like this, but it doesn’t catch everything.