Converted file to mp4, how tell Sonarr to auto import it


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So when Sabnzbd downloads my files, I run the mp4 automator on it. After it converts my file to an mp4, the file is queued in Sonarr for import. The import just sits in the queue then. I’m assuming that this is because Sonarr is looking for an MKV (or whatever original format) but now that file is an mp4 and importing hangs. Am I understanding this correctly? My google fu is weak on this issue, so this is me caving in and asking the experts. I feel like if I could tell Sonarr to look for an mp4, things would be fine.


Sonarr generally looks for a folder, but it depends on your download client as some of them don’t put torrents with a single file into a subfolder, for usenet clients they use job folders though, which means the file just needs to be converted in the same folder the source file was in.

Alternatively you can use the API to tell Sonarr where to find the file (which should be in a job folder).


Ah, thank you for the info! Between knowing the behavior and the api, I should be able to get this fixed for my scripts. Cheers!

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