Connection lost error

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.2
Description of issue: Sonarr will randomly lose its connection.

Looking for a way to restart “connection” via terminal

Upgrade mono 4.6 should be the absolute minimum, but 5.20 is out currently.

Sorry I am already using the latest version. I have updated the ticket

You were already using 5.20?
Enabling trace logs and capturing the standard error and output and error to a file will give you the most information why it’s crashing. A common cause of crashing is an old libmediainfo installed. Make sure you’ve installed the latest from their repo, as the latest version in the Ubuntu repo is probably quite old.

Will this give me a log immediately or will I have to wait until it happens again? This can go days until happening again, which is why I am looking for a quick restart option if possible.

There was an update for libmediainfo the version I found was 19.04-1

To see why it’s crashing the log won’t be useful until it crashes.

You should be able to start the system.d service for Sonarr (not sure the command offhand).

I kept the Trace/Debug running and the connection lost again yesterday. There are quite a few Trace and Debug logs. Which one do you need?

The latest file is the one without any numbers, which should be the relevant one if it crashed.


Looks like it might be an old version of mono (maybe 5.12?) may help.

First post 8 days ago says:
Trace log of yesterday says: [v3.0.1.467]

So what is it?

Anyway, update to

I stay pretty up to date with your updates:

So I am going to reinstall mono-devel to the latest version?

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