Configuring Sonarr with seedbox and google drive share?

I just discovered unraid after seeing a guide on youtube by spaceinvaderone, I have installed Sonarr on the server and got a cheap seedbox from one of the links in the youtube-video.
But I can’t figure out how to configure sonarr.

On my unraid-server I got a folder called “temp_movies” where I sync the unpacked movies from the seedbox.

I also got a folder called “gdrive_movies” which is a rclone mount of my movie folder on google drive. How can I use radarr to monitor the “temp_movies” folder and move/update the files to my “gdrive_movies” folder ?

I tried following the spaceinvader tutorial but could not figure out how to configure radarr. I have added my torrent-client under Remote Path Mappings where the remote path is the download path on my seedbox. But I cant figure out what the local path should be, Is it the temp_movies or gdrive_mount ? And what other steps do I need to take to be able to move/update the movies in the sync folder to my google drive?

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