Completed downloads not renaming/moving


Sonarr version (
Mono version (Freenas 11.1):

Sonarr has been running without issue for about 8 months now but all of a sudden it has stopped renaming episodes and moving them to the relevant folders.

When I add a new series is creates the TV folder but then episodes just sit in the download folder when they have completed.

I have checked all settings and folder access and its not changes, and also I have turned the service off and on but no dice.


What does Sonarr show in Activity: Queue for the downloads that are failing to import? (hover over the icon on the left for more details)

The logs will also have information on why the imports are failing.


The queue is empty and the history show the downloads as completed. I set the log to debug but not sure where to find it.


In Sonarr’s queue?

The history will show grabbed when it’s grabbed (cloud with down arrow) and imported when it’s imported (down arrow with disk).

The log files wiki page has all that information.



The icon in the history is the cloud with a down arrow so I guess it aint importing.

My log file is here!AgBetJs66VaFi8B3clMfOfLKEyebfw


Nothing shows in Sonarr’s queue (Activity: Queue)?

If nothing is there Sonarr is unable to see the completed downloads, or it already imported them (which isn’t the case).

Do they still appear in SAB’s history?
Are they in the correct category?


So I’ve just gone into a TV series that has worked in the past (currently no new episodes) and search for an old episode I don’t have on the server.

It shows it in the Activity: Queue while it’s downloading and it shows in SAB as its downloading.

Progress then shows in Sonarr as its downloading in the Activity: Queue.

By default downloads go to the Completed/Sonarr folder and then from there should be renamed and moved (Couch Potato is still doing what it should be on a separate note) to the TV folder.

When it finishes downloading it then moves to history in Sonarr with a cloud icon and then just sits in the Completed/Sonarr folder; I’ve looked through the history and the last time that it renamed and moved a show was a 19 days ago.

SAB deleted and purges completed downloads.

<SOLVED> Sonarr not moving or renaming completed torrent downloads

Sonarr adds it to the history with that icon when it’s grabbed.

That’s the problem. Sonarr relies on SAB’s history to know which downloads are completed and ready to import (it’s been this way since Completed Download Handling was introduced).


Thank you SO MUCH for your help. That was exactly the issue. Turning off auto purge of completed in SAB fixed it! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


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