Completed Download Handling for Torrent - Move Video File

I would like some an option similar to how NZB completed download handling works. With NZB, it searches for the video file, then renames and moves it to the final destination. With torrents, it does not do this because you may need to seed that video file before moving it.

Well, the torrent sites I use archive and compress with RAR. So what is actually being seeded is the rar files. I have a script to extract the rars to the same directory. Sonarr will see this and copy the file, but leaves the video file in the torrent directory (as expected). For me, since the video file isnt what is being seeded, I’d like to have it auto remove the video file after copying to the final destination.

I think having an additional option for something like this would be spectacular and would cover both bases.

usenet clients tend to have an inbuilt unzip/unrar so you can get the actual files to be passed back to sonarr, not the archive

some torrent clients have unrar/unzip extensions but its not typically inbuilt like it is for usenet - torrent clients seem very very basic.

this isnt a really a sonarr issue, its a download client issue. it has to be “fixed” there.

you could also use a torrent site that doesnt archive

you might also be able to use your existing script to extract the file, push it into sonarr, then delete it

At this time you can also use a custom script to clean up the file after importing.

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