COMPLETE show pack handling

Currently when interactively searching season 1 on a show the search results will return in some instances full series pack in a format something similar to;

Series name [COMPLETE] S01-S09

While that does process S01 properly, it will chuck S02-S09 as it doesn’t recognize the other seasons properly.

The workaround I use for now is altering the the location of the complete series pack to a location that is outside the locations where Sonarr is expecting to find its downloads and process them by hand.

Alternatively I could set up the recycle bin location, but that still would mean picking up the deleted surplus episodes and manually importing them.

So an interactive search option to add multi-season or complete season packs would be a nice addition.

ps. Just for my understanding. This seems to be by design, which makes sense but is the global non-interactive search button at the top of each show to give priority to complete series packs when there are no episodes available yet? I haven’t ever observed it picking up complete packs as far as I can tell.

Series search does not do any series pack searching; only season pack level searching or episode level searching

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