Complete Series Packs

I know this has been requested before, but I think the handling of entire series packs (i.e. S01 - S09) would be an extremely useful addition. Currently, if I need an entire series pack, I have to download outside of Sonarr, hardlink each season folder to my Sonarr root folder, and then do a library import. It is currently my biggest gripe with Sonarr.

Why this would be useful:

  • Older Series: it is difficult at times to find all seasons of an older series (within quality/custom profile params). A complete collection of these is usually much easier to find.

  • Consistency: With a full series pack, all seasons/episodes are likely to be of around the same quality/bitrates. It is also helpful if I want an entire series in HEVC (specified via custom profile), which can be hard to accomplish if grabbing season-by-season.

Of course, I could be overlooking some aspect of implementing this functionality that makes it difficult to accomplish? I’m not sure. I’d imagine on the UI this would be added as an additional button that does an interactive search for entire series.

Not all groups release all seasons when they do season packs. I have tried my best to have consistent bitrates, codecs and subtitles over a whole series but the only way i have been able to do it consistently is by manually downloading directly from the streaming provider instead or Usenet or Torrents.

I own both StreamFab and AnyStream but i prefer StreamFab because i can select the bitrate. It also allows me to download the HEVC version on Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max.

I will usually let Sonarr download everything and once the season is over, i download it with StreamFab, replace it in Sonarr and set that season to unmonitored

There would be a lot things behind the scenes that need to change, because it’s been designed to treat releases/downloads as containing a single season. From a parsing perspective the naming needs to contain series because just COMPLETE wouldn’t give Sonarr enough information, otherwise series that end get complete packs then get new seasons would be a mess. Searching would also be an issue, a lot of indexers will have issues if there are many results.

This isn’t something we have plans to support.

You always have the option to grab them outside of Sonarr set the same category and import them.

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