Check Health task not checking indexers and download client status

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: W10 22H2

Description of issue:
Sonarr is runnign as a service, but the download client is sometimes shutdown.
Because of this, I often see errors in Sonarr stating all download clients are down.
No matter how long I wait and even manually run the task Check health, the download client status is still down.
The same with some indexers that might fail from time to time.
Now, if I go to Settings/Download clients and manually “Test all clients”, everything is back to normal and the error is gone. Same for indexers.
Because of this, Sonarr often does not download any monitored episode and I have to go and manually “Search for missing”.
As far as I understand, the task named Check health that runs every 6 hours should check and fix this, but it does not…or maybe I missunderstood what this task does.

Did I get it wrong about this task and what it should check/fix?

It’ll depend on how many times it’s failed, Sonarr will back off for a longer period of time (up to 24 hours) if the indexer keeps failing checks prior to that.

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