Charmed 1998 season six is suddenly only listed with 8 episodes

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I noticed when I was updating Charmed with files of a higher quality that I found myself that season 6 now is suddenly listed with 8 episodes and it is just from ep 16-23.

I also noticed that season 5 of the same show is listed with 12 episodes and season 1 with 1 episode. I can’t import the other episodes properly because the episodes are not all listed.
Can you fix that?

Thank you.

TVDb’s API shit the bed

Ok, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

It’s TVDB is that any surprise? Still more accurate and less issues is TMDB.

Less issues is relative.

But yeah for series TMDB is not better than TVDB - just different headaches… it’s been looked into.

Sorry but you are wrong, completely wrong.

How so?

TMDb was investigated for use rather than TVDb by a select few and it was determined that it was not any better and in some cases more headaches.

Not sure how I’m wrong when I was part of the group that dug into that?