Channel 5 (UK) Timezone incorrect

It appears that the timezone for Channel 5 (UK) is set to GMT+8, which has been checked on a number of shows.

It may be that the UK channel “Channel 5” (Channel 5 - is being mixed up with the Singapore version (Channel 5 (SG) -

As far as I know that needs to be fixed on thetvdb’s side for the shows where you see it incorrectly, and then wait for various caches to expire. Sonarr just takes the data presented by thetvdb’s api.

That was my initial thought, so I raised a ticket. But they say that the issue may be at Sonarr’s end as the country on the program details was correctly set to GB and other applications that they use was pulling the correct time zone.

I’ve seen since seen some other posts on here that refer to timezone mappings with Skyhook, so I thought I’d ask here.

Do you have an example series?

A few examples:
S02E06 air date was 3 Feb 23 at 8pm. Sonarr shows this as airing at 12pm (on a UK based system).
Season 2 aired 5-8 Dec 22 at 8pm, again this shows as aired at 12pm.
S01E03 aired 1 Sep 22 at 9pm. This shows as aired at 2pm, the extra hour I assume will be related to daylight savings changes.

The problem is TheTVDB uses the same name for all these networks, just Channel 5 and the data we have to differentiate them expects Channel 5 (England) as the title (which was the old name I’m assuming), we’ll need to see what we can do to deal with this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know if The TVDB have changed the name at any point.

If I look at then it shows “Channel 5”, and shows “Channel 5 (SG)”.

I seem to remember that you used to set the network on the series, but now you seem to set it on each episode, and it lists all networks on the front page.

Yeah, looks like Channel 5 is no longer for the Singapore channel, but instead for the UK channel, I’ve updated things on our side, that should take effect when series are out of the cache and update.

Many thanks :+1:

Looks to be working as expected now :slight_smile: