Changing Sonarr Homepage When Launched

I have Sonarr v3.0.3.655 configured to auto open a browser when launched. The Sonarr homepage is hard coded to open the Series menu. I would like it to open the Calendar menu.

Suggestion. Add the ability to change the Sonarr browser homepage.
Open browser on start [ ]
If not checked [ ] Sonarr start, but does open a browser.
If checked [X] a drop down menu is available to select the Sonarr homepage.
-Sonarr Series
-Sonarr Calendar
-Sonarr Activity-Queue
-Sonarr Wanted-Missing

if theyre going to add that ability then it should probably not be directly linked to “open browser on start” as that never happens if youre using say docker so i wouldnt be able to set a home page in that case. it should be its own separate option so that it works no matter which OS you have.

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