Change Queue status after manual intervention

This may already be a thing in v4, but I am currently still on v3 (master branch, specifically Still debating whether or not to update since v4 is still in beta. And this is on Ubuntu 22.04, if that makes any difference at all.

Looking at the Queue, I currently have items that are purple (Downloaded and Waiting to Import) and yellow (needs manual intervention, i.e. cannot automatically find the right series due to naming issues or cannot find the downloaded file because it is obfuscated).

I have no problems with manually fixing those yellow items, but it might be handy to have the indicator change to purple afterward, to indicate that the Sonarr now knows what to do with that item and I don’t come back later and do it all over again (large queue, always downloading something).

Just a thought. I am not a programmer, so I have no idea how easy or complicated this might be to implement. Do with this suggestion as you please.

And thank you for a fantastic piece of software!

IIRC once items in the queue are done with, they should disappear. So once you manually import the items, the related queue item should be cleared. You may need to refresh the queue to force it.

No, that is correct, when things are all caught up. But right now I have 107 pages of queue and the first three are all waiting to be imported or need help.

Point I was trying to make, and apologies if I was not clear, is that it can be difficult to keep track of which items have already been done manually when there is a backup like this. That is all. It may take a while for an item to disappear, just because it is taking a while to import things. Isn’t always like this, but I would think that I’m not the only one to encounter it. So, having a visual aid, i.e. changing the color to reflect that Sonarr knows what to do with it, would be helpful.

Understand if this is a niche case or just not something that can be implemented. Just a thought.