Can't visit the website

I need to update my sonarr from version 2 to 3.
but I can not open the web page :
I use liunx computer, windows computer, andorid cellphone, and change my browse from Egde, IE to firefox, all of them did not work, It always show me the windows version webpage, the macos, nas , docker , others page also has same problem.
I need to read the installation guidance, How can I do?

This is isolated to you

You have something that is blocking the tab switch, but there’s no page what all - so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

What happens when you click the Debian/Ubuntu tab?

here is the picture.
i click linux tab, but browse show me the windows tab.

Check the browser dev console (typically f12)

But either your browser or an extension is blocking the switch. It’s not a site issue

i use different computer,different browser, all of them have that problem.
thank you for your reply.

i cal me friend ,ask him to visit this web page , he also can not open the tab 'linux ’ web page, browser shows him the windows tab content.

if you can open that page, can you upload a screen piture that contains the linux tab content?