Can't restart sonarr at all


Sonarr version:
OS: Windows 10

I need to restart Sonarr in order to reset settings etc. Every time I press restart it says “LifecycleService… Restart requestion” but it never does.

I then uninstalled Sonarr (which was running as a service) and installed it just as a normal program. It still has the issue though. I have tried everything I can think of (running as admin etc ) but I am a noob and basically need a step by step process to fix this. Should it restart immediately or when?

I don’t really know how to get logs : S


Restarting Sonarr won’t reset settings.

Pretty close to immediately.

Look at the log files wiki page.


I have a lot of settings that have a “requires restart to take effect”.



Google docs is formatted, not raw text, please post the text unformatted next time.

According to the logs Sonarr restarted when requested:

18-6-11 09:44:26.8|Info|LifecycleService|Restart requested.
18-6-11 09:44:29.2|Debug|ProcessProvider|Found 0 processes with the name: NzbDrone.Console
18-6-11 09:44:29.2|Debug|ProcessProvider|Found 1 processes with the name: NzbDrone

First line is the restart request, then the first line of Sonarr starting 3 seconds later.


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