Cannot import, will not import! Folders not created

Sonarr version
Windows 10:

The following appears in my activity queue.


  • Found matching series via grab history, but release was matched to series by ID. Automatic import is not possible.

Which is fine except that as the file does not appear in any other place it does not seem to be possible to manually import it either. Obviously I can just use Windows to copy the file over but if there’s any way to avoid a repeat of this for every episode of the series I’d be grateful to hear it along with an explanation of how the situation arises in the first place.

Edit: In attempting to transfer the file I’ve discovered that no folder was created in the process of adding the show. I also added another show this morning and that does not have a folder either. Any ideas?

See here for the error you have referenced

Beyond that, not enough info provided to be able to help properly. From what you’ve described, it seems like you have some fundamental issues with your setup and config, potentially both sonarr and your download client.

Check through the wiki to correct

It’s an option to create empty series folders. Otherwise sonarr only creates series/season folders when there’s a file that needs to be imported to that location.

As for the original issue, see fanboy’s link. It needs a series alias, because the name on thetvdb is different from the release name: Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches -
Somebody already requested it, once an admin adds it, it’ll be fixed for everyone.

Ta. It’s amazing how much you forget when you’ve been using the software long enough to have outlived two computers!