Cannot add new TV series



HTTP Error - Res: [GET] 504.GatewayTimeout

Simple really: I cannot add ANY series at the moment. A bit of a noob when it comes to issues like this, 'cos everything just always works.
Is there perhaps a general issue?

I can browse directly to TVDB from my PC.

try it now, wasnt working for me before either, but it is now

skyhook is (from what i gather) the sonarr “web” server that sits in between tvdb and us and acts like a cache so as to not overwhelm tvdb (which has issues of its own)

if it glitches you end up with issues like that where nothing is found. it usually comes good in a couple of hours but if it doesnt just post here like you did and one of the admins (not me) will see your post and sort it out.

Thanks man. This explanation helps a lot.

It’s working again. I’ll be more patient next time and just check every couple of hours or so.

Have an awesome day further.

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