Can you switch your source to TVmaze?

Please, can you switch your source to TVmaze?
TVdb is just not updated enough and often to be reliable unlike TVmaze

Like here: Leno’s Garage shows on TVMaze but not on TVdb (and many others also)

Thanks in advance

Asked a hundred times…

TheTVDB does have it:

TVMaze doesn’t have absolute episode numbers and from what I’ve seen lacks translations, so it’s not a 1:1 replacement. Indexers (the good ones) also widely support searching by TVDB ID, but only a handful support searching by TVMaze ID, so we’d need a link between the two still.

At this point we’re not going to switch, but we’re not ignoring their presence either and it’s something we’ll continue to evaluate.

seeing as the skyhook caching is in the middle perhaps a best of all worlds approach and have it pull from both (or however many sources we end up with) and merge the results?

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