Can I exempt one series from indexer restrictions?


I prefer to have sonarr snatch x265 (HEVC) files only. So I made an indexer restriction to that effect, which works fine. But there’s one series that seems to never be available in x265, and I’d like to eliminate that restriction for that one series only. Is there a way I can do that? Under “Edit Series”, there’s a tag option, but I have no idea how to create a tag or what information it should have, or if that would even apply to my situation.


You can’t opt out of a restriction with a tag, the only options currently would be to edit your current restriction, add a tag such as x265and then add that tag to all your series except the one you want to allow x264/whatever for.


Thanks. So, if I understand correctly, a “tag” is basically just a keyword? That was never clear to me.

Just to clarify, I should do the following:

  1. Eliminate the indexer restriction
  2. For all x265-only series, insert “x265” in the tag for each series

Is this correct?


A tag is a way to link a series to something (release restrictions, delays, notifications, etc).

No you still want it, just add the a tag to it.

Yes, which will link the release restriction with the same tag to it.


I understand now - thanks!

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