Calendar Shows Wrong Air Date Due to Timezone

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OS: Linux
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Description of issue:

When a show air time lands on a different day due to timezones, Sonarr gets confused.

Specifically, the The Late Late Show with James Corden airs at 12:35 AM ET but that’s 9:25 PM PT

So, Sonarr will show tomorrow’s episode airing today.

For example, today is June 9.

Episode 132 airs 12:35 AM tomorrow June 10 (tonight)

But according to Sonarr, it already aired last night so it shows it as missing:

This is not an issue with timezones, this is an issue with the information on TheTVDB, the date for the episode is listed as June 9th, not June 10th. June 9th at 12:35am has already passed.