Calendar not updating - Series Update Task running for the last 5+ hours


Package Version by sonarr

Mono Version : 6.12.0
OS: Unraid - Binhex-sonarr package with arch linux as the underlay
Debug logs:
Description of issue: My calendar looks like it hasn’t updated in several months. Additionally, the ‘Refresh Series’ task appears to run for forever. It’s been chugging away for 5+ hours at this point with not sign of stopping.

Couldn’t see the spot to upload the text file, so here is the log data

Can anyone help?

Unfortunately these debug logs don’t provide much information in this case, in order to get most relevant logs:

  1. Enable trace logging
  2. Restart the docker container
  3. Wait for Sonarr to refresh series
  4. Grab trace logs when Sonarr gets stuck refreshing a single series

This should show us why it’s hung up on a particular series.

I think it boils down to performance. I’m CPU bottleneck on my unraid server. I may have to look into a different solution all together.

Or a major hardware revamp.

I’m running 2 different nvme pools in stripes. Add that to my disk pool and you have a lot of IO being handled by cpu0.

My single threaded performance is only middlin’ according to cpu benchmark (ryzen 9 3900x), so it looks like I’ll need to bump to a 5900x or move over to intel.

The costs never end.

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