Calendar Listing Wrong Days when using all day events


I am importing the Sonarr Calendar into google calendar but I am having significant issues with shows appearing correctly. If I turn off all day events everything shows up correctly, however using all day events seems to throw some shows off by a day. I also tried importing it into other calendar applications and they all seem to have the same problem. So my only thought is that the issue is something with sonarr.

Ok some more information when I started to go through the api seems to be an issue with UTC Time Zone.

Per api for BBT which is changing dates:
“airDate”: “2017-10-09”,
“airDateUtc”: “2017-10-10T00:00:00Z”,

Per api for GBBO which is not changing dates:
“airDate”: “2017-10-10”,
“airDateUtc”: “2017-10-10T19:00:00Z”,

It seems the calendar is using the UTC Time Zone when converting to all day events as anything that airs past 8pm EST(GMT -4) is being pushed to the next day. Im not certain how to correct this or if this can even be corrected on my end.


Think I found my solution was a previous thread
"Sonarr talks directly to TVDB for series information now, which means we’re back in business with a slight loss of functionality (for the moment). The loss of functionality is:

UTC Air Dates for episodes (Air times on the calendar will be off until our full solution is implemented)". So there appears nothing can be done

Edit:. Maybe not a solution as in doing more reasearch it appears this issue was resolved. So I still have no idea why the all day events would be using the utc date.


Correct, that post is very old and was resolved some time ago (within a few weeks of that post).

Looks like the API just returns the UTC ate without a specific time, I’ve pushed a fix that changes that to local (server) time.


Ok awesome! Do I have to do anything on my end to get the fix?


It’ll be in the next release, though I can’t say when that will be.


Update works perfectly! Thanks


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