Calendar is empty

I just put everything to monitor future which should mean everything after today right? i go to my calendar and i don’t see anything for this week, but when i toggle all instead of monitored only, i see things this week.

Think this is a [b]ug

I’m experiencing it now and only way I can fix it is to delete and re-add series then season pass monitor episodes feature (e.g. all, future) works as advertised again (inc. expected calendar entries)

FYI I think I may have caused it by doing lots of (big) changes in season pass in quick succession but that was because I was seeing weird behaviour so chicken and egg

Hope this helps


b: Future episodes not monitored and not showing in calendar as a result

@markus101 Hmm, now I need to delete 114 series and re-add them. The import should take care of adding but is there a quicker way to delete all series than doing it manually for each one?

Yours hopefully

Without a mention of the version, this is how it’s done in v3 (I think v2 is very similar):
Series > Mass Editor > select multiple series > Delete button

Hi @Thirrian,

Thanks for reply

I’m in v2 but don’t mind updating to v3 if there’s not a way to mass delete…?

Hope to hear back



I upgraded to v3 and this issue is fixed for me:

  • DB migrated successfully
  • Season pass works as expected including monitoring episodes (i.e. all/future episodes)
  • Calendar works as expected

The only issue I’ve observed which may be linked to the v2 issue is if I toggle seasons in season pass (e.g. specials on multiple series) in quick succession without waiting for the spinner to complete then I start to get infinite spinners on everything I’ve toggled. Refreshing the page will end the infinite spinners but results in failed toggles.

If anyone can reproduce then happy to create an issue for this

Hope this helps


Noted, no need to file an issue.

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