Calendar API help


I’m looking to use NZBDrone’s API to create a (Rainmeter) skin which shows future shows to be downloaded (and maybe already downloaded shows) that updates automatically. (Rainmeter simply parses data from the API output using a URL)
I’m having some trouble getting my head around the API though.

So far I got this
which works but only returns shows airing today and tomorrow.

What I am looking for is an API command which return all shows airing in the next 1-2 months (a long term view)
I’ve tried adding this to get me starting in the right direction
start and end syntax taken from another forum post but this displays the ole Authentication required for username and password which I have none set up (also tried setting one up but no luck still)

Have tried many different syntax but not getting the results I’d like.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance…also AWESOME program!

Your URL is invalid, you should have an & before the apikey:

Excellent! many thanks for that

@mcfetti Can you please share the code from rainmeter looking for this.
Just starting out with rainmeter programming and try to make a HTPC skin for my comp.
At least i have then a direction

Thx in front

Hi, yes I created 2 Rainmeter skins. One for ‘Coming Episodes’ and the other for “Downloaded”
The code is EXTREMELY rough and messy looking but the ultimate aim was to get it working and not produce quality looking code. There are also ALOT of commented out code from things I did previously and stuff which is there but not needed at all!

More than happy to share although I can’t provide any support with it as its not been designed for a wider audience. It probably won’t work out of the box due to dependencies on other files but the RegExp can be used in your own code.
However if you do want to use my complete code then the API Key and the url to Sonarr will need to be changed under the [Variables] heading. I took my own API key out and left my URL so you can see the syntax.

One other thing to note is that the “Coming Episodes” skin just looks at the calendar which means even if a tv programme has downloaded it will still show on here until the next day. Another thing is that as far I can make out the API REQUIRES a date so I have hardcoded December 2015 date (when we get near this date, this will need to be changed) This code also only shows the next 3 shows in the calendar until you move the cursor over the skin and it expands to show more. I haven’t finished the code for the more distant shows so some of the data might be missing.

Here’s what it looks like on my PC (date format in USA style)

Coming episodes skin here

Downloaded episodes skin here

Good luck!

THX !!! at least now i can see how it’s built up and i can get an idea how to even maybe work it out a bit more if you don’t mind
I was stuck on the regexp

So thx again
If you want i can keep you updated if i can improve something