Bug: File name separator will not update


Sonarr version:
Mono version:
OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04
Description of issue: Changing filename separator from space to dots does not save after refresh. It will keep reverting back to space.


It wasn’t meant to save, it’s there as a helper to avoid duplicating every token with multiple options.


Would it be possible to get this capability as an option?

More specifically, say your episode naming is set to use full-stops as separator between each token, it seems the {Preferred Words}, when there are multiple matches, will use a space, e.g.

The.Series.Title.S01E01.WEBDL-1080p.AMZN .RED-Group.mkv


There doesn’t need to be an option for that, it’s a helper, not a setting.

All the options behave the same {Preferred Words} uses a space, {Preferred.Words} would use a period.



Was not aware of this, thank you!


I knew this once but forgot somehow. Thanks Markus!

We can close this now :stuck_out_tongue:

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