Buffer and/or Consolidate Notifications

I saw this posted awhile back, but it only had one or two replies and has since been closed. I would like to reopen the topic.

I would like to see a setting to buffer a quantity of notifications and/or duration of notifications. For example, if I tell Sonarr to grab all 24 episodes of a season, and my download client reports back that all 24 are indeed queued, I shouldn’t get 24 notifications in my Discord server. I would like to get a single notification of a whole season added since Sonarr knows that the whole season is inbound. I understand episodes can end up imported randomly, but if I specifically requested a whole season, I’d like that whole season to be its own notification.

I’d also like to see a setting that would override this if enough time has passed. It could still be a single notification, such as:

Imported: Television Show - 01x
01 - Episode 1 Title
03 - Episode 3 Title

We could even take this a step further and add an option to only import a season when everything that was requested for the season is available for import. Requested all 24 episodes? Then don’t import any until all 24 are downloaded.

Seems like two distinct “problems”, one is the notification spam, and the other the delay to import when requesting an entire season.

I think the first one can be solved by using a custom script to buffer notifications, and then run a cron job with a bit of logic to group them as you like and then send a single notification to discord.

The second one, playing devils’ advocate, but what is the point? :slight_smile: Why would you not want to have episodes available as soon as they are downloaded? Silly example, but there are shows with 100 episodes in a “season”. So you’d have to wait until all are downloaded until they are imported and show up in your media center?
Is this also triggered by the fact that you are spammed with notifications?

The second one isn’t really a problem, and I agree, not importing episodes until the whole season is ready is a bad solution.

My main concern is indeed notification spam. Rather than do some fancy cron and/or script work, I’m just deleting this notification from Sonarr and instead going to use Tautulli’s new media notification, but only for the TV shows Plex library. Tautulli is able to buffer some notifications, so it should cut down on the quantity.