Bluray 1080i quality definition



I’ve noticed that bluray rips from 1080i sources are mis-identified in Sonarr, and are usually labeled as Bluray-720p.

For example, the following file:


This isn’t a HDTV, nor a RAW-HD, and it’s certainly not 720p. It’s a full Bluray release remux from a 1080i bluray disk source, but it’s identified as Bluray-720p.

This is quite common for releases in the UK or other PAL regions where the material is shot at 25fps, because 1080/25p is not part of the official bluray spec, so it gets released as 1080/50i instead.

Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but the problem I’m seeing is that my nice, un-adulterated 1080i bluray remux copies of certain shows are being “upgraded” to re-compressed 1080p copies, which are in fact much lower quality than what I already had. For example, the file I mentioned above is an un-recompressed bluray remux weighing in at 9.38 GB, and files like this are being replaced with 1 or 2 GB “1080p” re-encoded versions, because Sonarr thinks that’s higher quality.

So I guess what I’m asking, is whether it would be possible to add a 1080i quality definition in a future release?



There won’t be a 1080i quality, but there will be remux support.


Hmm ok, I guess I could manually tag these episodes as 1080p-Remux, which would stop them getting overwritten. Having the actual quality listed on them would be ideal, but not the end of the world if it’s not there I guess. :neutral_face:


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