Blood & Treasure


Hey guys, there’s a new show called “Blood & Treasure” which I added to Sonarr, but nothing is coming up because the releases are “Blood and Treasure.” Can an alias of some sort be created so Sonarr will look for “Blood and Treasure” when searching releases?



Sonarr does this automatically.


Well… I don’t think it’s working. When I search for the episodes nothing comes up, but if I manually search for “Blood and Treasure” on an indexer I get a lot of hits.


Make sure the Series type is correct for the series and the correct categories are being searched on your indexer(s).

If you’re still having issues post all the requested Help & Support information, including the debug logs.


Series type is right, and the correct categories are being searched on my indexers. Here’s the debugging info. It wasn’t working under version 2, so upgraded to 3 (wow, very nice!).

Mono Version
Mac OS 10.10.5

Here’s a link to the log file with debugging turned on:


You can see Sonarr searching for Blood and Treasure here:


in categories 5030 and 5040.

Unfortunately it looks like the fact that the releases are double episodes is breaking things and your indexers are failing to return results.


Thanks, I’ll wait until the next episode and see if it’s still an issue.


mine worked ok (twice, for the 264>265 upgrade) so presumably its an indexer issue?


maybe also try adding the show via its id, tvdb:361585 to make sure its the right one? (just in case)


Those likely would have been pulled down by RSS Sync where the indexer failing to return search results wouldn’t apply.

That is the series that was added as shown in the logs for the search by TVDB ID.