Blood & Treasure

Hey guys, there’s a new show called “Blood & Treasure” which I added to Sonarr, but nothing is coming up because the releases are “Blood and Treasure.” Can an alias of some sort be created so Sonarr will look for “Blood and Treasure” when searching releases?


Sonarr does this automatically.

Well… I don’t think it’s working. When I search for the episodes nothing comes up, but if I manually search for “Blood and Treasure” on an indexer I get a lot of hits.

Make sure the Series type is correct for the series and the correct categories are being searched on your indexer(s).

If you’re still having issues post all the requested Help & Support information, including the debug logs.

Series type is right, and the correct categories are being searched on my indexers. Here’s the debugging info. It wasn’t working under version 2, so upgraded to 3 (wow, very nice!).

Mono Version
Mac OS 10.10.5

Here’s a link to the log file with debugging turned on:

You can see Sonarr searching for Blood and Treasure here:


in categories 5030 and 5040.

Unfortunately it looks like the fact that the releases are double episodes is breaking things and your indexers are failing to return results.

Thanks, I’ll wait until the next episode and see if it’s still an issue.

mine worked ok (twice, for the 264>265 upgrade) so presumably its an indexer issue?


maybe also try adding the show via its id, tvdb:361585 to make sure its the right one? (just in case)

Those likely would have been pulled down by RSS Sync where the indexer failing to return search results wouldn’t apply.

That is the series that was added as shown in the logs for the search by TVDB ID.

I’m noticing that whichever database that Sonarr uses for Blood and Treasure is messing up the episode names or numbers. Some databases count the first double episode as S01E01 (part 1 and 2) then make the next Episode E02 while others have the first episode as S01E01-02 and the next episode is E03.

My Sonarr is confused and thinks I have tonight’s episode, although it’s named with last week’s title (It says episode 8 The Shadow of Athena airs tonight, and it’s showing I have Episode 8 The Lunchbox of Destiny on disk). Some databases list the Lunchbox as episode 7.

My solution will be a manual download.

I’m new here, I haven’t even installed Sonarr yet – not even sure if I will, but I’m looking for a replacement for SickBeard that I have been using forever. I came here looking for more information about Sonarr but this thread caught my attention because I have just been fighting with the very issue that chroma601 mentions.

The episode name/number issues with this series seem to be a problem across the various index sites and releases all because some [expletive expletive] clown at CBS thought it would be smart to run a double-length first episode titled as Part 1 and Part 2, but to only count it as one episode.

This immediately became a problem for people like us because everyone posting the show posted that double length as either two separate episodes s01e01 and s01e02 or as a combined s01e01-e02

That problem has continued because the episodes being posted continue to be numbered as if the original double was episodes 1 & 2, but CBS insists that The Curse of Cleopatra Part 1 and The Curse of Cleopatra Part 2 together are episode 1, which then made Code of the Hawaladar episode 2 and so on.


The episode that just aired July 9th was officially s01e08 The Shadow of Projekt Athena but every copy posted anywhere is posted as e01e09

So we have the official series website listing the episodes one way and everyone posting them a different way. Likewise different database and index sites are counting these episodes differently. For example has the episodes listed the “official” way with Curse of Cleopatra Parts 1 & 2 together as Episode 1, while counts that initial double as episodes 1 & 2 (like everyone else, and like every TV show before this always has counted it when they did a two-hour premiere)

Until (unless) all the various indexing sites and all the posters agree on something, the only way to manage collecting this show is to manually download episodes and verify the actual content.

Actually the problems with this particular show is what pushed me to (again) look for a replacement for SickBeard, because whatever site SB uses to get its episode titles is even more screwed up than average.

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