Better use of second client for torrents


I have found most torrent clients can’t handle more than a few hundred torrents at a time without locking up systems.

Currently it allows you to enable more than one client however doesn’t seem to ever use the second one. Even when first client fails.

Enable by days of the week - Where you can set certain clients to be to be set as enabled / disabled automatically based on which day of the week it is.

Disable once X number of torrents - Disable a client if it has X number of active torrents

Disable if error - Disable client for X time or until manually reenabled if client becomes un responsive.


Sonarr should already function this way.

As for your other suggestions, we don’t have plans to do something like that, you could however use the API to control it if you wanted something that complex.


Doesn’t automatically reenable after x period of time can only be done manually.

As for the API I can’t find any commands regarding enabling and disabling clients in the api docs.


It will automatically retry after a period of time, the longer it’s unavailable the longer it waits, up to 24 hours.

Not currently documented, but anything you can do in the UI can be done through the API.

It’d be a matter of getting the download clients, finding the one you want, disabling it and then a PUT to the server to update it, you can look at the developer tools in your browser to see the exact network requests.


For those that are interested this is the API command to take the information from Sonarr regarding clients,

Get the information from Sonarr

curl https://SONARR:PORT/api/downloadclient/CLIENTID?apikey=APIKEY > FILE

*Client ID can be collected by using /api/downloadclient?apikey=APIKEY

sed -i 's/"enable": true/"enable": false/' FILE


sed -i 's/"enable": false/"enable": true/' FILE

To enable

Then put the data back into Sonarr

curl -i -X PUT https://SONARR:PORT/api/downloadclient/CLIENTID?apikey=APIKEY -H "Content-Type: text/xml" --data-binary "@FILE"

I recommend getting the file info each time before enabling and disabling (instead of just changing enable true/false) due to any other changes made since the pull being overwritten each time.

I have adapted this into Home-Assistant to allow different days of the week to enable / disable trackers and spread torrents a bit cleaner across multiple clients and machines.

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